WSDM Cup 2018

There will be two tasks in WSDM cup 2018, one is conducting song recommendations and the other is making churn prediction based on user history. Participants can choose to compete in one or both of the tasks. The data for the challenges come from KKBOX, a leading music streaming company from Taiwan.

The task winners will be awarded $2500 each. The respective second and third runner-ups will be awarded $1500 and $500. Four travel grants (US$500 each team) for attending the 2018 WSDM Cup Workshop held by KKBOX Group will be offered to the top 4 teams that are ranked among top 10 and consists of all student members except one advisor. The awards are kindly sponsored by KKBOX. Prizes as described will be awarded to the participants with the highest scores (based on the merits of the data science models submitted) who agree to submit and share their solutions in the 2018 WSDM Cup workshop held by Competition Sponsors.
Task 1 - Churn Prediction

For a subscription business, accurately predicting churn is critical to long-term success. Even slight variations in churn can drastically affect profits. In this challenge you’re tasked to build an algorithm that predicts whether a user will churn after their subscription expires.

Task 2 - Recommendation System

While the public’s now listening to all kinds of music, recommendation algorithms still struggle in key areas. Without enough historical data, how would an algorithm know if listeners will like a new song or a new artist? And, how would it know what songs to recommend brand new users? Your task to to solve the abovementioned challenges and build a better music recommendation system.

September, 15th, 2017
competition begins
December, 17th, 2017 (23:59 PST)
competition ends
December, 19th, 2017
winner announcement
January, 9th, 2018
workshop paper submission deadline
February, 8th, 2018
WSDM cup workshop

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